Hyperion Financial Management

Hyperion Financial Management



    Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a financial consolidation and reporting application built with advanced Web technology. It provides financial managers the ability to rapidly consolidate and report financial results, meet global regulatory requirements, reduce the cost of compliance and deliver confidence in the numbers.

    Hyperion Financial Management Course Content:

    1.Introduction to Financial Management

    • About Enterprise Performance Management

    2.HFM Basics

    • Dimensions
    • Define Application Profile
    • Create application

    3.Loading Metadata from a File

    • About Metadata Load Files
    • Loading Metadata
    • Manage Metadata
    • Prepare own Metadata

    4.Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions

    • About Accounts and Custom Dimensions
    • Setting Up Account Types and Hierarchies
    • Setting Up Accounts and Custom Dimensions
    • Intercompany Account and Other Account Properties

    5.Setting Up Entities, Calendars, and Scenarios

    • Setting up Entities
    • Setting Up Calendars
    • Setting Up Scenario

    6.Loading Data

    • Loading Data Files
    • Extracting Data
    • Copying and Removing Data

    7.Creating Task list and Data Forms

    • About Data Forms
    • Accessing the Form Builder
    • Defining the Point of View
    • Defining Columns and Rows
    • Setting Row and Column Options
    • Exporting Data to Spreadsheets

    8.Entering Data Using Data Grids

    • About Data Grids and Accessing Data Grids
    • Changing the Grid Layout and Display
    • Selecting Members for Dimensions
    • Selecting Members
    • Saving Grid Settings
    • Entering Data and Filling Multiple Cells
    • Spreading and Calculating Data
    • Adding Cell Text and Line-Item Detail

    9.Entering Intercompany Data

    • About Intercompany Transactions
    • Intercompany Account Balances
    • Elimination Process
    • Plug Accounts
    • Intercompany Eliminations and the Value Dimension
    • Setting Up Entities and Accounts for Intercompany Data
    • Creating and Running Intercompany Matching Report

    10.Creating Member Lists in Financial Management

    • About Member Lists
    • System and User-Defined Member Lists
    • Creating Member Lists
    • Identifying Member Lists in a File
    • Creating Static Member Lists
    • Creating Dynamic Member Lists for the Entity Dimension and Other
    • Dimensions
    • Loading and Extracting Member Lists

    11.Adjusting Data with Journals

    • About Journals and Journal Benefits and Adjusting Data
    • Journals Review Process and the Value Dimension
    • Multiple Journal Postings, Accessing Journals and Opening Periods for
    • Journal Entry
    • Creating Journal Templates and Journal Balance Types
    • Creating Journals and Entering Journal Data
    • Creating, Previewing, Running and Viewing Adjustments with the Entity
    • Details Report
    • Setting Journal Report Properties and Selecting Columns and Filters
    • Saving Journal Reports Locally and Remotely

    12.Running Consolidations and process management

    • Consolidation Process and Percentages
    • Entering Consolidation Information Using Ownership Management
    • Running Consolidations
    • Data Translation
    • Entering Exchange Rates

    13.Analyzing Data Using Smart View

    • About Smart View
    • Smart View Installation and Components
    • Connecting to a Data Source
    • Entering Data with Web Data Forms
    • Functions in Smart View


    • About Rules and Rules Syntax
    • Rule Types and Rules Files
    • Objects and Functions in Rules
    • Assigning Values to Accounts
    • Account Expressions
    • Setting Values for Multiple Accounts
    • Subcubes, Data Retrieval, and Rules
    • Loading and Extracting Rules

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