Hyperion DRM Online Training

Hyperion DRM Online Training



    Become an expert in Hyperion DRM by learning how to create As-Of Versions, Hierarchy Groups, Imports, Hierarchy XML Exports, Running, Copying & Deleting Exports and Export Books, and Using Data Relationship Management Batch Clien.. Etc

    Course Content

    1.About Data Relationship Management

    2.Task Group Descriptions

    • Key User Experience Differences
    • Logon
    • Browse
    • Query
    • Compare
    • Script
    • Import
    • Blend
    • Export
    • Audit
    • Administers

    3.Managing Versions

    • Data Relationship Management Version Life Cycle
    • Version Type and Status
    • Creating Versions
    • Copying Versions
    • Saving Versions
    • Creating As-Of Versions
    • Editing Version Properties
    • Assigning Validations to Versions
    • Unloading and Deleting Versions

    4.Managing Hierarchies

    • Creating Hierarchies
    • Editing Hierarchy Properties Databases
    • Enabling and Disabling Node Types
    • Opening Hierarchies
    • Creating Hierarchy Groups
    • Assigning Hierarchies to Hierarchy Groups
    • Assigning Controlled Properties
    • Assigning Controlled Node Access Groups
    • Assigning Validations
    • Deleting Hierarchies

    5.Working With Nodes

    • About Nodes and Adding and Inserting Nodes
    • ID Function, Modeling a Node and Moving and Ordering Nodes
    • Relaxed Move Option, Sorting Nodes and Node Deletion Methods
    • Merging Nodes, Deleting Nodes and Removing Nodes
    • Annulling Nodes and Inactivating Nodes
    • Reactivating Nodes and Assigning Validations
    • Orphan Nodes and Viewing Orphan Nodes
    • Deleting Orphan Nodes and Navigating in Tree View
    • Finding Nodes and Node Security
    • Using Shared Nodes and Enabling Shared Nodes
    • Shared Node Properties
    • Adding and Inserting Shared Nodes and Removing and Deleting Shared Nodes
    • Renaming Shared Nodes
    • Converting a Shared Node to a Primary Node
    • Displaying Shared Nodes

    6.Managing Properties

    • Property Categories
    • System Properties
    • Stats Properties
    • Property Value Scope and Origin
    • Property Status
    • Editing Property Values

    7.Validating Data

    • Validating Versions
    • Validating Hierarchies
    • Validating Nodes
    • Navigating Validation Results
    • Navigating Version and Hierarchy Results in List View
    • Navigating Node Results in List View
    • Navigating Node Results in Tree View
    • Downloading Node Results
    • Clearing Validation Results

    8.Using Queries

    • Query Types
    • Creating Queries
    • Navigating Query Results
    • Navigating in List View
    • Navigating in Tree View
    • Downloading Query Results
    • Managing Queries
    • Opening Queries
    • Copying Queries
    • Deleting Queries

    9.Comparing Hierarchies

    • Compare Types
    • Visual Compare
    • Structure Compare
    • Property Compare
    • Rename Compare
    • Creating Compares
    • Navigating Compare Results
    • Navigating in List View
    • Navigating in Tree View
    • Downloading Compare Results
    • Managing Compares
    • Opening Compares
    • Copying Compares
    • Deleting Compares

    10.Working With Action Scripts

    • Loading Action Scripts From Flat Files
    • Downloading Action Script Results
    • Required Action Script Parameters
    • Loading Action Scripts From a Transaction Log
    • Loading Action Scripts From a Node Model

    11.Working With Imports

    • Import Sections
    • Creating Imports
    • Running
    • Copying and Deleting Imports

    12.Working With Exports

    • Creating Exports
    • Creating Hierarchy Exports
    • Creating Hierarchy XML Exports
    • Creating Generation Exports
    • Creating Compare Exports
    • Creating Difference Exports
    • Creating Version Exports
    • Creating Property List Exports
    • Creating Property Lookup Exports
    • Creating Transaction Log Exports
    • Creating Merge Log Exports
    • Creating Export Books
    • Running, Copying & Deleting Exports and Export Books

    13.Working With Change Requests

    14.Auditing Transaction And Request History

    • Auditing Transaction History
    • Data Actions in Transaction History
    • Administrative Actions in Transaction History
    • Auditing Requests

    15.Using The Data Relationship Management Batch Client

    • Securing the Batch Client
    • Setting up Batch Client Credentials
    • Running the Batch Client
    • Dependencies
    • Saving Versions in the Batch Client
    • Command Line Syntax
    • Configuration File Syntax
    • Outputs and Result Codes

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