Guidewire Claim Center Online Training

Guidewire Claim Center Online Training


    Guidewire Claim Center Training is a complete CMS(Content Management Solution) for developing websites, Mobile Applications and Forms. It is used to handle your marketing assets. Major companies using Guidewire Claim Center Training) are Dell, Barclays, Deloitte, Informatica, Mastercard, Microsoft, UBS, Thermo Fisherscientific, DuPont, Palo Alto Networks. It covers all the fundamentals of AEM including architecture, JCR, OSGi framework, etc., through real-life projects and this will enable you to become a certified AEM developer.

    Course Content

    1.The Claim File

    • The Claim Center data model
    • The claim files

    2.Claims Process and Intro to Intake

    • Claims processing – business perspective
    • Claims processing – functional perspective
    • The claim intake process
    • Automated claim setup
    • New claim validation

    3.ClaimCenter Demo

    • ]Demonstration of Claim Center functionality

    4.Introduction to Claim Center Configuration

    • Claim Center data model
    • Claim Center user interface
    • Claim Center rules
    • Importing data into Claim Center

    5.Configuring Location Groups

    • Location group basics
    • Location group configuration
    • Page configuration

    6.Configuring Wizards

    • Wizard basics
    • Wizard configuration
    • Wizard step configuration

    7.Configuring Claim Setup

    • Claim setup basics
    • Preset up rules
    • Segmentation rules
    • Workplan rules
    • Exposure and activity setup

    8.Configuring LOB Typelists

    • Line of business model
    • The LOB typelists
    • The LOB editor
    • LOB model configuration

    9.Configuring LOB User Interface

    • LOB model and the user interface
    • Configuring exposure types
    • Configuring new exposure menu behavior

    10.Configuring Validation Rules

    • Types of validation
    • Validation rule basics
    • Validation rules in the user interface
    • Warnings and errors
    • Identifying invalid fields

    11.Configuring Permissions

    • ClaimCenter security functionality
    • Checking system permissions in Gosu
    • Creating system permissions
    • Application permission keys

    12.Contact Roles

    • Contact roles
    • Categorizing contact
    • Contact role configuration
    • Contact role type constraints
    • Entity role constraints

    13.ClaimContact Widgets

    • ClaimContact widget basics
    • Configuring ClaimContact widgets

    14.Intro to Transaction Rules

    • Transaction basics
    • Transaction data model
    • Transactions and Gosu
    • The Financial Calculations Library

    15.Configuring Transaction Validation Rules

    • Transaction and check life cycles
    • Transaction validation basics
    • Transaction validation rules

    16.Configuring Transaction Approval Rules

    • Transaction approval basic
    • Authority limits
    • Transaction approval rules
    • Approval routing rules

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