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Git Online Training



    Become an expert in GIT by learning how to create local repositories, remote branch, Verifying Tags, adding files and committing changes, local branches, README, gitignore, and Live Editing.. etc

    Course Content

    1.Introduction To Git

    • Overview
    • A Brief History
    • Advantages of DVCs
    • About Git
    • Installing Git on Windows
    • Installing Git on Mac OSX
    • Installing Git on Linux
    • Configuring Git
    • How to Configure Git
    • Summary

    2.Working Locally With Git

    • Overview
    • Creating a local repository, adding files, and committing changes
    • Viewing history and diffs
    • Staging changes as multiple commits
    • Deleting and renaming files
    • Undoing changes to the working copy
    • Undoing/redoing changes in the repository
    • Cleaning the working copy
    • Ignoring files with .gitignore
    • Summary

    3.Working Remotely With Git

    • Overview
    • Cloning a Remote Repository
    • Basic Repository Statistics
    • Viewing Commits
    • Git Protocols
    • Viewing Branches and Tags
    • Fetching from a Remote
    • Pulling from a Remote
    • Pushing to a Remote
    • Creating and Verifying Tags
    • Pushing Tags to a Remote
    • Summary

    4.Branching, Merging And Rebasing With Git

    • Overview
    • Visualizing branches
    • Creating local branches
    • Difference between branches and tags
    • Renaming and deleting branches
    • Recovering deleted commits
    • Stashing changes
    • Merging branches
    • Rebasing changes
    • Cherry-picking changes
    • Creating a remote branch
    • Deleting a remote branch
    • Summary

    5.Using The GitHub Website

    • Intro to GitHub
    • Installing Git
    • Working With Repositories
    • README, .gitignore, and Live Editing
    • Organizations, Teams, and Collaborators
    • Issues, Wikis, and Pages
    • Summary

    6.GitHub For Windows Basics

    • Introduction
    • Configuration Options
    • Setting Up Repositories
    • Local and Remote Repositories
    • Committing and Syncing
    • Reverting and Rolling Back
    • Summary

    7.Teamwork With GitHub For Windows

    • Introduction
    • What Merging and Rebasing are
    • Dangerous Rebasing
    • Good Examples of Merging and Rebasing
    • Branching and Merging Demo
    • Stashing Changes
    • Resolving Conflicts
    • Configuring .gitattributes Files
    • Summary

    8.Social Coding With GitHub

    • Introduction
    • Forking Repositories
    • Pull Requests
    • Reporting and Managing Issues
    • Repository Graphs and Data
    • Using Gists
    • Profiles and Contributions
    • Summary

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