Fuse ESB Online Training

Fuse ESB Online Training



    Fuse ESB training is designed for the developers to get maximum advantage of Integration capability offered by Fuse ESB by offering hands-on practical training. The curriculum covers clear understanding of Maven, XML Configuration, Fuse Fabric etc.

    Course Content

    1.Development Environment

    • Introduction to JBoss Fuse
    • Fuse Ide, Installation Binaries
    • Apache Maven
    • JDK 1.6
    • Choice of Development Tool

    2.Development Model

    • Overview of Maven
    • Maven Archetypes
    • Java Code and Resources
    • Maven POM Files
    • Deployment Metadata
    • Dependency Injection Frameworks
    • Administrative Metadata

    3.Maven Essentials

    • Overview
    • Maven Directory Structure
    • Build Life Cycle Phases
    • Dependency Element
    • Maven Packaging Type
    • Convention Over Configuration
    • Maven Coordinates
    • Maven Artifacts
    • Transitive Dependencies
    • Dependency/Scope Element
    • Specifying Remote Repositories
    • Maven Repositories

    4.Dependency Injection Frameworks

    • Blueprint Or Spring?
    • Bean Registries
    • Spring XML File Location
    • Spring XML
    • Blueprint XML Sample
    • Blueprint XML File Location
    • Blueprint XML
    • Spring XML Sample

    5.Create a Web Services Project

    • Prerequisites
    • Spring XML Configuration
    • Create Project From the Command Line
    • Build The Web Services Project
    • Check that the Bundle Has Started
    • Run the Ws Client
    • Deploy and Start the Ws Server
    • Create Project from the Command Line
    • Troubleshooting

    6.Create a Router Project

    • Create Project From the Command Line
    • Disable the Test
    • Modify The Route
    • Build the Router Project
    • Add the Required Maven Dependency
    • Deploy and Start The Route
    • Test the Route with the Ws Client

    7.Create An Aggregate Maven Project

    • Aggregate Pom
    • Best Practice
    • Parent Pom
    • Building With The Aggregate Pom
    • Create An Aggregate Pom

    8.Define a Feature For The Application

    • Why Do You Need a Feature?
    • Deployment Options
    • What to Put in a Feature
    • Install the Features Repository
    • Features and Fuse Fabric
    • Create A Custom Features Repository

    9.Configure The Application

    • OSGI Config Admin Service
    • Setting Configuration Properties
    • Spring XML Example
    • Replace Ip Port with a Property Placeholder
    • Deploying the Configurable Application
    • Blueprint XML Example


    • Check the Status of a Deployed Bundle
    • Redeploying Bundles with Dev:Watch
    • Logging

    11.Scalable Deployment With Fuse Fabric

    • Why Fuse Fabric?
    • A Sample Fabric
    • Fabric Server
    • Fabric Container
    • Profile
    • Fabric Ensemble

    12.Deploying To a Fabric

    • Create a Fabric
    • Create Fabric Profiles
    • Upload a Profiles
    • Deploy the Profiles

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