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Docker Online Training



    Experience the Realtime implementation of Docker projects by exploring different features of Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux, Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users, Docker Containers, Network Configuration Files, Dockerfile Instructions, Docker Info. etc

    Course Content

    1.The Rise Of The Virtual Machine

    • Containers vs VMs
    • What Are Containers?
    • Containers Under the Hood
    • Docker
    • The Future of Docker and Containers
    • Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux
    • Downloading Ubuntu
    • Creating a VM to Install Ubuntu
    • Installing Ubuntu
    • Downloading CentOS
    • Creating a VM to Install CentOS
    • Installing CentOS

    2.Installing And Updating Docker

    • Installing Docker on Ubuntu
    • Installing Docker on CentOS
    • Updating Docker
    • Granting Docker Control to Non-root Users
    • Configuring Docker to Communicate Over the Network
    • Playing Around with Our First Docker Container

    3.Major Docker Components

    • Module Intro
    • The High Level Picture
    • The Docker Engine
    • Docker Images
    • Docker Containers
    • Docker Hub
    • A Closer Look at Images and Containers
    • Volumes
    • Persistent Data and Production Containers
    • Image Layers
    • Union Mounts
    • Where Images Are Stored
    • Copying Images to Other Hosts
    • The Top Writeable Layer of Containers
    • One Process per Container
    • Commands for Working with Containers

    4.Container Management

    • Module Intro
    • Starting and Stopping Containers
    • PID 1 and Containers
    • Deleting Containers
    • Looking Inside of Containers
    • Low-level Container Info
    • Getting a Shell in a Container

    5.Building From A Dockerfile

    • Module Intro
    • Introducing the Dockerfile
    • Creating a Dockerfile
    • Building an Image from a Dockerfile
    • Inspecting a Dockerfile from Docker Hub

    6.Working With Registries

    • Module Intro
    • Creating a Public Repo on Docker Hub
    • Using Our Public Repo on Docker Hub
    • Introduction to Private Registries
    • Building a Private Registry
    • Using a Private Registry
    • Docker Hub Enterprise

    7.Diving Deeper With Dockerfile

    • Module Intro
    • The Build Cache
    • Dockerfile and Layers
    • Building a Web Server Dockerfile
    • Launching the Web Server Container
    • Reducing the Number of Layers in an Image
    • The CMD Instruction
    • The ENTRYPOINT Instruction
    • The ENV Instruction
    • Volumes and the VOLUME Instruction

    8.Docker Networking

    • Module Intro
    • The docker0 Bridge
    • Virtual Ethernet Interfaces
    • Network Configuration Files
    • Exposing Ports
    • Viewing Exposed Ports
    • Linking Containers


    • Module Intro
    • Docker Daemon Logging
    • Container Logging
    • Planning Image Builds
    • Intermediate Images
    • The docker0 Bridge
    • IPTables

    10.How Images Get Built

    • The Build Context
    • Image Layers
    • Caching
    • Base Images
    • Dockerfile Instructions

    11.Docker Commands

    • The run Command
    • Managing Containers
    • Docker Info
    • Container Info
    • Dealing with Images
    • Using the Registry

    12.Hands On Use Cases

    • Using Docker for sandboxing and testing
    • Deploying applications with Docker
    • Deploying Web Applications on Docker
    • Deploying Mysql as Docker Container
    • Deploying MongoDB as Docker Container

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