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    Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that combines HR, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management in a single application. The HCM software is built with a single, flexible rules engine combined with real-time updates and calculations that help address complex regulatory requirements. Dayforce HCM is a single, cloud solution that spans human capital management domains with one employee record and one user experience throughout the application.

    Course Content

    1.Manager Training

    • Getting started for managers
    • Scheduling a shift
    • Resolving timesheet problems
    • Sending a message
    • Responding to a time off request

    2.Scheduling your staff

    • Introducing the schedule
    • Building a schedule
    • Scheduling employees in the grid view
    • Scheduling shifts in the grid view
    • Scheduling a split shift
    • Adding shift rotations in the grid view
    • Verifying the schedule in the grid view

    3.Scheduling employees in the bar view

    • Scheduling shifts in the bar view
    • Editing a shift
    • Adding shift rotations in the bar view
    • Verifying the schedule in the bar view

    4.Scheduling employees using templates

    • Templates overview
    • Creating and using a schedule template
    • Assigning employees to unfilled shifts
    • Creating and using a schedule type template
    • Advanced template scheduling

    5.Copying a schedule from a previous week

    6.Editing a schedule

    7.Finalizing the schedule

    8.Tracking time and attendance

    • Introducing the timesheet
    • Finding and correcting problems
    • Finding and correcting timesheet problems
    • Authorizing a timesheet
    • Scenario: You allowed a late start or early departure
    • Scenario: Employee called in sick

    9.Recording transfers

    10.Authorizing and approving a pay period

    11.Making a retroactive adjustment


    • Running a report
    • Attendance roll call report
    • Department hours pay summary report
    • Employee comments report
    • Employee punch report
    • Employee transfer report
    • Hours by department report
    • Missing pay records report
    • Pay detail report
    • Payroll inactivity report
    • Pay summary report
    • Projected hours report
    • Punch exception report
    • Timesheet audit report
    • Unauthorized records report
    • Page ii
    • Managing employees
    • Introducing employee records
    • Recording time off for employees
    • Reviewing and updating your location’s tasks
    • Viewing and updating employee records
    • Updating an employee’s work assignments
    • Creating a new personal goal for an employee
    • Managing employee availability
    • Using the position and compensation change form
    • Adding a new hire
    • Off-boarding an employee
    • Attaching files to an employee record


    • Team Relate for Managers
    • Team Relate for Recruiters and Hiring Managers
    • Team Relate in Performance
    • Team Relate in Dayforce for managers

    14.Your account

    • Delegating your role


    • Managing HR incidents
    • Building a job requisition
    • Recording dockets against a shift

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