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    CorelDraw (styled CorelDRAW) is a vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada. It is also the name of Corel’s Graphics Suite, which bundles CorelDraw with a bitmap image editor, Corel Photo-Paint, and other graphics-related programs (see below). Several innovations to vector-based illustration originated with CorelDraw: a node-edit tool that operates differently on different objects, fit text-to-path, stroke-before-fill, quick fill/stroke color selection palettes, perspective projections, mesh fills and
    complex gradient fills. CorelDraw’s competitors include Adobe Illustrator and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. Although all of these are vector-based illustration programs, the user experience differs greatly between them.


    • Basic PC skills such as basic understanding of the computer’s operating system, launching applications, creating, editing, and saving files, copying files from CDs and other media.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction

    • Welcome to CorelDRAW
    • What’s new in CorelDRAW

    2. Jumping Right Into CorelDRAW X7

    • Welcome to the Welcome Screen
    • Touring the user interface
    • Creating drawings
    • Saving your masterpieces

    3. Working with Pages and Layout

    • Working with multiple pages
    • Customizing the page layout
    • Working with Guidelines and the Snap To options

    4. Creating Objects

    • Drawing shapes
    • Polygons
    • stars
    • graph paper
    • The Perfect Shapes Collection
    • Lines and curves
    • Node editing using the Shape Tool

    5. Transforming Objects

    • Selecting/deleting objects
    • Modifying objects
    • Arranging objects
    • Working with multiple objects
    • Converting objects
    • Locking objects

    6. Design Time Savers

    • Cut, copy and paste
    • Duplicating and cloning objects
    • Using the Step and Repeat docker
    • Undo/redo/repeat
    • Working with symbols

    7. Working with Artistic Text

    • Working with the Text Tool to create Artistic Text
    • Fitting text to a path
    • The character formatting docker
    • Spelling and Quickcorrect

    8. Working with Paragraph Text

    • Working with the Text Tool to create Paragraph Text
    • The paragraph formatting docker
    • Linking paragraph text frames
    • Working with columns
    • Additional paragraph features

    9. Color Outlines and Fills

    • Introducing color palettes
    • Color filling options
    • Color outline objects
    • Using the Eyedropper and Paintbucket Tools
    • Using the Smartfill Tools

    10. Layers and the Object Manager

    • Working with layers
    • Layer properties
    • Using the master layer

    11. Viewing Your Work

    • View modes
    • Preview modes
    • Using the View Manager
    • Using the Zoom Tool

    12. Find and Replace

    • Find and replace objects
    • Find and replace text

    13. Bitmaps

    • Applying effects to a bitmap
    • Using the Image Adjustment Lab
    • Cropping bitmaps
    • Converting vector objects to bitmaps

    14. Shaping Objects

    • Shaping objects
    • PowerClipping objects
    • Adding envelopes
    • Working the corners

    15. The Interactive Tools Flyout

    • Interactive Blend Tool
    • Interactive Contour Tool
    • Interactive Distortion Tool
    • Interactive Drop Shadow Tool
    • Interactive Extrude Tool
    • Interactive Transparency Tool
    • Interactive Fill Tool

    16. More Special Effects

    • Adding perspective
    • Using the lens effect
    • Adding bevels

    17. Importing, Publishing, Exporting

    • Importing and exporting Files
    • Publish to PDF
    • Export for Office

    18. Customizations

    • Customizing your toolbars and menus
    • Customizing your color palettes
    • Printing
    • Printing basics explained
    • Print preview basics

    19. The Rest of the Suite

    • Using Corel Capture
    • Tracing bitmaps using PowerTrace
    • CorelPHOTO PAINT: Cutout Lab
    • CorelPHOTO PAINT: Effects
    • Working with the Corel Design Collection

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