CheckPoint Online Training

CheckPoint Online Training



    Become an expert in Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s, Configuring Static NAT, Creating a basic Rulebase, Configuring Identity Awareness, Deploying HA on an Enterprise network and get certified.

    Course Content

    1.Introduction To Checkpoint Technologies

    • Checkpoint certified security administrator
    • What’s new in checkpoint R77.10
    • Checkpoint’s Architecture
    • Implementing 3 tier Architecture of checkpoint

    2.Deployment Platforms

    • Checkpoint supported platforms
    • Installing Checkpoint on Windows o/s
    • Installing Checkpoint on Linux o/s
    • Installing Checkpoint on SPLAT
    • Installing Checkpoint on GAiA
    • Configuring checkpoint in standard setup
    • Configuring checkpoint in distributed setup

    3.Introduction To Security Policy

    • Understanding Checkpoint Licensing
    • VerifySIC establishment between the Security Management Server and the Gateway using Smart Dashboard
    • Creating a basic Rulebase
    • Implicit rules vs Explicit rules
    • Configuring hide NAT
    • Configuring Static NAT

    4.User Management & Authentication

    • Configure user & group accounts in checkpoint
    • Configure policies for authentication
    • Local Authentication Methods
    • Configuring user authentication
    • Configuring Session authentication
    • Configuring Client Authentication

    5.External Authentication

    • Creating LDAP & TACACS+ objects
    • Integrating active directory server with checkpoint gateway
    • Configuring Tacacs+ server
    • Integrating Tacacs+ server with checkpoint gateway

    6.Identity Awareness

    • Introduction to Identity Awareness
    • Configuring Identity Awareness
    • Using Identity awareness to provide access to network resource

    7.Checkpoint VPN Introduction

    • Understanding VPN terminology
    • Configuring Remote access vpn
    • Implementing site-to-site vpn with head office & Branch office


    • Using smartview tracker for Analyzing logs
    • Using smartview Monitor for monitoring traffic
    • Using queries in smartview tracker
    • Filtering logs in smartview tracker

    9.Advance Firewall

    • Debugging firewall Modules
    • Upgrade & troubleshoot Management server
    • Performing Backup of Management server
    • Backup using snapshot
    • Backup using cpbackup
    • Backup using upgrade tools

    10.Command Line Administration

    • Understanding standard mode & Expert mode shells
    • Running Checkpoint commands
    • Accessing Firewall Directory

    11.UTM Features

    • Configuring Antivirus blade in checkpoint gateway
    • Verifying Antivirus modules
    • Implementing content filtering
    • Configuring cvp & ufp policies
    • Configuring URL filtering
    • Testing URL filtering

    12.Advance UTM Features

    • Checkpoint security expert
    • Debugging firewall Modules
    • Upgrade & troubleshoot Management server
    • Performing Backup of Management server
    • Backup using snapshot
    • Backup using cpbackup
    • Backup using upgrade tools


    • Configuring IPS blade
    • Updating IPS signatures
    • Configuring IPS policies
    • Customizing IPS profiles
    • Implementing location based restrictions
    • Verifying IPS


    • Understanding Checkpoint QOS architecture
    • Enabling QOS blade
    • Bandwidth Monitoring using QOS
    • Segregate Bandwidth to different networks
    • Writing QOS policies in rulebase


    • Building clusterXL for loadbalancing
    • Adding gateways into cluster
    • Verify Load balancing
    • Building clusterXL for High Availabilty
    • Deploying HA on an Enterprise network
    • Verifying HA using smartview monitor
    • Management sever Clustering
    • Management server recovery

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