Certified Network Defender V2 Online Training

Certified Network Defender V2 Online Training



    CND v2 Training is the most comprehensive network defense system. This network security program will make you Learn many virtualizations like Network Virtualization, functionality, OS, Kubernetes enhanced many other modern methods. It is a hands-on, lab-intensive program that teaches vital secure network skills

    Course Content

    1.Network Attacks And Defense Strategies

    • This Module Introduces You To Different Network-Based Attacks Faced By The Organization To Understand Their Working And Develop Defense Strategies

    2.Administrative Network Security

    • It Involves Developing Or Updating Security Infrastructure And Continuously Monitoring Networks For Any Suspicious Actions Or Unauthorized Access

    3.Technical Network Security

    • Implementing Authentication And Protec- Tion Controls For User Verification To Avoid Theft Of Sensitive Information Or Data.
    • Introducing The Concept Of Zero Trust And Its Effectiveness In Maintaining A Better Security Posture

    4.Network Perimeter Security

    • Implementation And Management Of Perimeter Devices Like Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Preven- Tion Systems

    5.Endpoint Security-Windows Systems

    • Security Of End-User Devices And Entry Points By Implying Endpoint Security On Windows Devices

    6.Endpoint Security-Linux Systems

    • Securing Entry Points Or End-User Devices By Ensuring Endpoint Security On Linux Devices

    7.Endpoint Security- Mobile Devices

    • Securing Entry Points Or End-Us- Er Devices By Ensuring Endpoint Security On Mobile Devices

    8.Endpoint Security-Iot Devices

    • Fundamentals Of Iot, Iot Threats And Security Using Endpoint Security Implementation

    9.Administrative Application Security

    • Understanding The Methodologies Of Administrative Application Security And Its Importance To Minimize The Security-Related Vulnerabilities In The Application

    10.Data Security

    • Implementing Policies To Safeguard Data From Unau-Thorized Access Using Various Techniques Like Encryption, Hashing, Tokenization And Other Key Management Practices. Concept Of Data Storage, Data Classification, Data Masking, Retention And Destruction

    11.Enterprise Virtual Network Security

    • In-Depth Understanding Of Virtualization, Related Threats And Security. Essentials Of Software-Defined Network (Sdn) Security, Network Function Virtualization (Nfv) Security

    12.Enterprise Cloud Network Security

    • Introduction To Cloud Computing, Threats, Challenges And Security Across Cloud Platforms, Concepts Of Container Security, Docker Security, And Kubernetes Security

    13.Enterprise Wireless Network Security

    • Understanding Of Wireless Network Security Essentials, Threats, Attacks And Countermeasures

    14.Network Traffic Monitoring And Analysis

    • Analysis And Monitoring Of Logs From Various Perimeter Network Devices To Identify Any Anomalies In The Trafic

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