CEH 11 Online Training

CEH 11 Online Training



    CEH v11Training( Certified Ethical Hacker ) is an advanced process in ethical hacking Courses internationally recognized for security training. Many companies use this advanced network package analysis system to check and build technics to develop network security concepts to protect the Data from Hackers.

    Course Content

    1.Introduction To Ethical Hacking

    • This module introduces you to the basic concepts of hacking, what is hacking, who are hackers, their intent, and other related terminologies.
    • The next modules dive deeper into the various phases of hacking, which would help you in thinking with the mindset of a hacker.

    2.Foot Printing And Reconnaissance

    • Gathering information from various sources using foot printing tools and how to defend against the same.

    3.Scanning Networks

    • Different techniques to identify and scan the network, host, and port discovery by utilizing various scanning tools.


    • Finding detailed information about the hosts and ports discovered during scanning. this module now includes
    • Sub-domains like nfs enumeration and related tools, dns cache snoop- ing, and dnssec zone walking, along with the countermeasures.

    5.Vulnerability Analysis

    • It introduces the concepts of vul- nerability assessment, its types, along with a hands-on experience of tools that are currently used in the industry.

    6.System Hacking

    • It focuses on the “how” part. how to gain access of the system, how to escalate privileges, how to maintain access, and how to clear you’re tracks.
    • The next modules help to develop a deeper understanding of various defense and attack methodologies and concepts that aid the process of hacking.

    7.Malware Threats

    • Malware threat terminologies, viruses, worms, trojans, their analysis, and countermeasures to prevent data loss. the introduction and analysis of malware like, emotet and fileless that are gaining popularity have been updated under this section. apt concepts have also been added.


    • Packet sniffing techniques, associated tools, and related defensive techniques.

    9.Social Engineering

    • Since humans are the most significant vulnerability for any organization, it becomes essential to understand how attackers use them for their purpose for carrying out attacks like identity theft, impersonation, insider threat, and how to defend against such social engineering attacks.


    • As dos and ddos are some of the most common purposes of attackers, this module talks about these attacks, use cases, and the related attack and defense tools.

    11.Session Hijacking

    • To provide a deeper understanding of the technique, its purpose, tools used along with the countermeasures.

    12.Evading Ids, Firewalls, And Honeypots

    • Understand the terminologies and working of these inline defenses and techniques to learn how to evade these while performing an attack.

    13.Hacking Web Servers

    • Web servers based attacks, methodologies, tools used, and defense

    14.Hacking Web Applications

    • Web application-based attacks, techniques, and mitigation.

    15.Hacking Wireless Networks

    • Wireless encryption, wire- less hacking, and bluetooth hacking-related concepts

    16.Hacking Mobile Platforms

    • Management of mobile devices, mobile platform attack vectors, and vulnerabilities related to an- droid and ios systems

    17.Iot Hacking

    • Recognizing the vulnerabilities in iot and ensuring the safety of iot devices. operational technology (ot) essentials, introduction to ics, scada, and plc, threats, attack methodologies, and attack prevention. the concept of ot is a new addition.

    18.Cloud Computing

    • Cloud computing, threats, and security. additionally, the essentials of container technology and serverless com- puting have been added.


    • Encryption algorithms, public key infra- structure (pki), cryptographic attacks, and cryptanalysis.

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