C# is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft and approved by Ecma and ISO.

    C# is designed for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which consists of the executable code and runtime environment that allows use of various high-level languages to be used on different computer platforms and architectures.

    C# .NET Course Content: 

    1..NET Framework XML Overview

    2.XML in the .NET Framework

    • .NET XML Namespaces and Classes
    • .NET XmlReader and XmlWriter
    • .NET DOM Parser
    •  XML Serialization
    •  XML and ADO.NET
    •  XPath and XSLT
    •  Language Integrated Query and XML
    •  XML and the Web

    3.XML Document Streams

    •  The XmlReader Class
    •  XmlReaderSettings
    •  Accessing Node Properties with the .NET XML Classes
    •  Accessing Attribute Values
    •  Traversing the XML Document
    •  Catching XmlExceptions

    4.Looping in XML Using C# and .NET

    • Sorting with XML Using C# and .NET
    • Looping and Sorting
    • Conditions with XML Using C# and .NET

    5.Specifying Valid Documents with XML Schema and DTD

    • Using Visual Studio 2010 to Create Schemas
    • Validating XML with XmlReader
    • .NET Schema Object Model

    6.The XmlWriter Class

    • XmlWriterSettings
    • WriteXXX Methods
    • XmlWriter States
    • Writing Elements
    • Writing Attributes
    • Writing Namespaces

    7.Origins of the DOM

    • DOM Levels
    • DOM2 Structure
    • The XmlDocument Class
    • DOM Tree Model
    • DOM Interfaces
    • XmlDocument, XmlNode and XmlNodeList Classes
    • XmlElement and XmlText Classes
    • Finding Elements by Name
    • Walking the Child List
    • The XmlAttribute Class

    8.Creating and Modifying Documents

    • Modifying Elements
    • Error Handling
    • Managing Children
    • Cloning
    • Splitting Text and Normalizing
    • Modifying Attributes
    • XML Serialization
    • XmlSerializer
    • What Is Not Serialized
    • Writing and Reading XML
    • Customizing XML Serialization
    • XML Schema and XSD
    • Creating Classes from Schemas

    9.Reading XML Streams in .NET

    10.Flow Control in XML Using C# and .NET

    11.Validating XML Streams

    12.Writing XML Streams in .NET

    13.The Document Object Model in .NET

    14.Manipulating XML Information with the DOM

    15.XML and ADO.NET

    16.Strong Coupling Between ADO.NET and XML

    • Rendering XML from a DataSet
    • Controlling XML Output
    • Reading XML into a DataSet
    • XML Schema and DataSets
    • Typed DataSets
    • Synchronizing DataSets and XML

    17.Addressing XML Content

    • XPath in XSLT
    • Tree Structure
    • XPath Expressions
    • Context
    • Axis, Node Test, and Predicate
    • Abbreviations
    • XPath Functions
    • XPath and .NET
    • XPathNavigator
    • Editing with XPathNavigator

    18.XSL and XSLT

    • Rule-Based Transformations
    • Templates
    • Producing Text, HTML, and XML
    • XslCompiledTransform

    19.Language Integrated Query

    • Manipulating XML Documents in Memory with LINQ
    • LINQ Queries
    • Filtering, Ordering and Aggregation
    • Inserts, Deletes and Updates
    • LINQ Transformations


    21.Introduction to XSLT

    22.LINQ to XML

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