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Blue Prism Online Training



    The blue prism course will help you know about the tools or libraries involved in automating the business processes for presenting the integration. Blue prism does all the standard repetitive work of the employees with high accuracy. You must know that Blue prism is leading the RPA market, so get to learn this tremendous technology in organized sessions with the help of well-experienced instructors.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction to RPA(Robotic process Automation)

    • What is RPA?
    • Google trend report on RPA and Blue prism
    • What is the scope of this RPA course?
    • Why do we need RPA?
    • Will RPA cut jobs?
    • Is RPA a Hype or is it Real?
    • Where does Blue Prism stand (Compared to other competitors)?
    • Google trend report on Competitors and comparison
    • Naukri and Monster job openings
    • Salary report from Indeed & Payscale
    • RPA vs AI
    • A walk through on the course content.

    2. What is Blue Prism

    • Short Blue Prism Demo with a Real time Project
    • Navigation
    • What is the scope of Blue Prism Training
    • Important options and Shortcuts in the tool
    • Types of Tools in Blue Prism(Walkthrough)
    • What’s the Architecture, SOA, Client server or Cloud
    • Blue Prism Cloud?

    3. Installation of Blue Prism

    • Supported Systems (Is Windows, Linux, Mac supported)
    • What is the Alternative it it’s not Supported(Virtualbox)
    • Supported Databases
    • Integration with other tools.
    • Limitations

    4. Process Studio

    • How to create a and run a Process
    • What are the Basic Skills(Prerequisites)
    • Process Validation, How to Validate a process
    • What is Decision Stage and how to create it.
    • What’s Calculation Stage and how to create it.
    • Data Items overview and configuration

    5. An introduction to Process Flow and configuration

    • What are Decisions and comparing them with If then Else in C
    • What are Circular Paths and a quick demonstration?
    • Configuring Controlling Play
    • Setting Next Stage in Blue Prism
    • Breakpoints in its usage
    • Collections and Loops (And comparing them with Loops in C or Java)
    • What are Layers of Logic?
    • Pages for Organization

    6. Inputs and Outputs in Blue Prism

    • What are Input Parameters and its importance
    • Stepping and Pages (How to configure)
    • What is Data Item Visibility ?
    • Whats are Data Types and Its significance in Blue Prism
    • Output Parameters, Startup Parameters and others
    • What is Control Room and how to configure it?
    • Process Outputs and its usage

    7. What are Business Objects (Theory and usage)

    • What’s Object Studio and how it differs from Process Studio
    • Business Objects practical demonstration
    • What is Action Stage
    • Inputs and Outputs(How to use them)
    • What is The Process Layer

    8. Object Studio

    • How to create a Business Object
    • What is Application Modeller and how its associated with Object studio
    • What are Spying Elements and its significance.
    • Attributes and Attribute Selection
    • What is Launch and Wait and how to use them
    • What are Timeouts, Terminate, Write , Press Attach and Detach
    • Overview and configuration on Read ,Actions
    • Action Inputs and Outputs and Data Items as Inputs

    9. Error and Cases in Blue Prism, How to Manage them

    • Exception Handling and its practical usage
    • Recover and Resume (When are they useful)
    • Throwing Exceptions
    • How to Preserve the Current Exception
    • Exception Bubbling & Exception Blocks
    • Exception Handling in Real time projects

    10. Case Management

    • What are Queue Items?
    • How to configure Work Queues?
    • Defer & Attempts configuration
    • Pause & Resume configuration
    • Filters & Reports configuration

    11. Additional Features in Blue Prism

    • What is Safe Stop?
    • Collection Actions & Choice Stage
    • Logging and Log Viewer, How to enable and use it?
    • What’s System Manager?
    • Process & Business Object Grouping
    • Process and Object References
    • Export and Import concepts
    • Release Manager – Packages and Releases Tutorial

    12. Consolidation Exercise in Blue Prism

    • What is Order System Process?
    • Consolidation Exercise Checklist
    • How to Submit Your Completed Solution

    13. Advanced Features

    • What are Undefined Collections
    • Data Item Initialization & Data Item Exposure
    • Configuring Casting , Code Stage & Run Mode
    • Initialize and Cleanup
    • What are Attribute Match Types & Dynamic Attributes ?
    • What is Active Accessibility
    • Application Manager Mode and its usage
    • Global Clicks and Keys
    • Credentials & Environment Locking
    • Command Line & Resource PC

    14. Further Application Types

    • How to configure Mainframe Applications in Blue Prism
    • Configuring Java Applications
    • What are Match Index and Match Reverse
    • Surface Automation, Advanced Blue Prism concepts

    15. Canopy project in Blue Prism

    • Project Overview
    • How to configure an End to end real-time project.
    • Project Guidance
    • Project Submission and Verification

    16. Mock Interviews with Questions and Answers Discussion

    • Functional Q&A
    • Technical Q&A
    • Project Q&A (For Multiple Domains like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Ecommerce etc)
    • Question for Fresher’s and Experienced (How do they differ?)
    • How to justify if the resource is not certified.

    17. Certification Preparation Session

    • How difficult is it to clear the certifications
    • Levels of certification
    • How to register for them(Technical details)
    • Can I apply for certification if my company is not a partner
    • If not, what is the alternative
    • Certification Mock Q&A discussion

    18. Resume Preparation Help

    • What’s a Best resume
    • What if my resume is worst
    • How to prepare a great resume
    • Should I be on LinkedIn, Of course Yes
    • Providing Photo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Links in a Resume
    • Create Blog, Quora, Stackexchange etc and provide the links in resume.
    • SEO in Naukri (how to be on the Top)
    • Creating Multiple Profiles in case you need a job urgently(Naukri lookhole)
    • Floating your resume in Monster, indeed, Shine etc.
    • How to Search for Job providers and jobs in linkedIn
    • Aggressive Follow, that’s what counts

    19. Post Job Support

    • How can we support you if you are in a project
    • Can we help you in a disaster recovery process
    • How to be in touch with my colleagues and expert

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