Big Data Hadoop Online Training

Big Data Hadoop Online Training


    Hadoop Course Content :

    Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop

    • The Big Data Problem
    • What is Big Data?
    • Challenges in processing Big Data
    • What is Hadoop?
    • Why Hadoop?
    • History of Hadoop
    • Hadoop Components Overview
      1. HDFS
      2. Map Reduce
    • Hadoop Eco System Introduction
    • NoSQL Database Introduction

    Understanding Hadoop Architecture

    • Hadoop 2.x Architecture
    • Introduction to YARN
    • Hadoop Daemons
    • YARN Architecture
      • Resource Manager
      • Application Master
      • Node Manager

    Introduction to HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

    • Rack Awareness
    • HDFS Daemons
    • Writing Files to HDFS
      • Blocks & Splits
      • Input Splits
      • Data Replication
    • Reading Files from HDFS
    • Introduction to HDFS Configuration Files

    Working with HDFS

    • HDFS Commands
    • Accessing HDFS
      • CLI Approach
      • JAVA Approach [Introducing HDFS JAVA API]

     Introduction to Map Reduce Paradigm

    • What is Map Reduce?
    • Detailed Map Reduce Flow
      • Introduction to Key/Value Approach
      • Detailed Mapper Functionality
      • Detailed Reducer Functionality
      • Details of Partitioner
      • Shuffle & Sort Process
    • Understanding Map Reduce Flow with Word Count Example

    Map Reduce Programming

    • Introduction to Map Reduce API [New Map Reduce API]
    • Map Reduce Data Types
    • File Formats
    • Input Formats – Input Splits & Records, text input, binary input
    • Output Formats – Text Output, Binary Output
    • Configuring Development Environment – Eclipse
    • Developing a Map Reduce Application using Default Functionality
      • Identity Mapper
      • Identity Reducer
      • ToolRunner API Introduction
    • Developing Word Count Application
      • Writing Mapper, Reducer & Driver Code
      • Building Application
      • Deploying Application
    • Running the Map Reduce Application
      • Local Mode of Execution
      • Cluster Mode of Execution
    • Monitoring Map Reduce Application
    • Map Reduce Combiner
    • Map Reduce Counters
    • Map Reduce Partitioner
    • File Merge Utility
    Programming with HIVE
    • Introduction to HIVE
    • Hive Architecture
    • Types of Meta store
    • Introduction to Hive Configuration Files
    • Hive Data Types
      • Simple Data Types
      • Collection Data Types
    • Types of Hive Tables
      • Managed Table
      • External Table
    • Hive Query Language (HQL or HIVE QL)
      • Creating Databases
      • Creating Tables
      • Loading Data into table
      • Joins in Hive
      • Group BY and Distinct operations
      • Partitioning
        • Static Partitioning
        • Dynamic Partitioning
      • Bucketing
      • Lateral View & Explode [Introduction to Hive UDFs à UDF, UDAF & UDTF]
      • XML Processing in HIVE
      • JSON processing in HIVE
      • URL Processing in HIVE
    • Hive File Formats [Introduction to Hive SERDE]
      • Parquet
      • ORC
      • AVRO
    • Storage Formats
    • Introduction to HIVE Query Optimizations
    • Developing Hive UDFs in JAVA
    • Hive Views
     Programming with PIG
    • Introduction to PIG
    • PIG Architecture
    • Introduction to PIG Configuration Files
    • PIG vs. HIVE vs. Map Reduce
    • Introduction to Data Flow Language
    • Pig Data Types
    • Pig Programming Modes
    • Pig Access Modes
    • Detailed PIG Latin Programming
    • PIG UDFs & UDF Development in JAVA
    • Hive – PIG Integration à Introduction to HCATALOG
    • Introduction to PIG Optimization


    • Introduction to NoSQL Databases
    • Types of NoSQL Databases
    • Introduction To HBASE
    • HBASE Architecture
    • HBASE Shell Interface
      • Creating Data Bases and Tables
      • Inserting Data in tables
      • Accessing data from Tables
      • HBase Filters
    • Hive & HBASE Integration
    • PIG & HBASE Integration
    • Document Store – MongoDB Overview

    Introduction to Streaming & FLUME

    • Introduction to Streaming
    • Introduction to FLUME
    • FLUME Architecture
    • Flume Agent Setup
    • Types of Source, Channel & Sinks
    • Developing Sample Flume Applications


    • Introduction to SQOOP
    • Connecting to RDBMS Using SQOOP
    • SQOOP Import
      • Import to HDFS
      • Import to HIVE
      • Import to HBASE
      • Bulk Import
        • Full Table
        • Subset of a Tables
        • All tables in DB
      • Incremental Import
        • Incremental Append
        • Incremental Last Modified
      • SQOOP Export
        • Export from HDFS
        • Export from Hive


    • Introduction to Zookeeper
    • Distributed Coordination
    • Zookeeper Data Model
    • Zookeeper Service
    • Zookeeper Commands

    Apache Kafka

    • Introduction to Kafka
    • Kafka Internals
    • Kafka Cluster Architecture
    • Kafka Producer
    • Kafka Consumer
    • Kafka Broker
    • Introduction to Kafka API
    • Kafka Stream Processing
    • Integrating Kafka with various Hadoop Systems

     Introduction to Scala Programming

    • Introduction to Functional Programming & Scala
    • Comparing Java and Scala
    • Setting Up Scala in UNIX
    • Setting Up SBT
    • Introduction to Scala REPL
    • Setting up Scala on Eclipse (Scala IDE)

     Scala Programming Fundamentals

    • Scala Data Types
    • Variable Declarations
    • Variable Type Inference
    • Operators
    • Scala Control Structures
    • Scala Looping Structures
    • Scala Functions
    • Scala Collections
      • Array
      • List
      • Map
      • Tuples
      • Set

    Functional Programming in Scala

    • Introduction to Functional Programming
    • Difference between OOPs & Functional Programming
    • Higher Order Functions
    • Anonymous Functions
    • Closures and Currying
    • Functional Programming on Collections
      • Iteration, Mapping, Filtering and Reduce
    • Maps, Sets, Group By, Flatten and Flat Map
    • File Access and File Processing
    • Scala Pattern Matching

    Object Oriented Programming in Scala

    • Concept of Classes in Scala
    • Implementing Getters and Setters
    • Concept of Objects in Scala
    • Singleton Objects
    • Companion Objects
    • Case Classes
    • Primary Constructor
    • Auxiliary Constructor
    • Overriding Methods
    • Apply Method
    • Traits and Abstract Classes
    • Exception Handling in Scala

     Introduction to Spark

    • What is Apache Spark
    • Spark Unified Stack
      • Spark Core
      • Saprk SQL
      • Spark Streaming
      • MLib
      • GraphX
      • Cluster Managers
    • Users of Spark
    • Spark vs. Mapreduce
    • Introduction to Spark Shell
    • Introduction to Spark Core API for Spark Application Development

     Programming With Spark RDDs

    • Introduction to RDDs
    • Creating RDDs
    • RDD Operations
      • Transformations
      • Actions
      • Lazy Evaluation
    • Passing Functions to Spark
    • Common Transformations and Actions on RDDs
    • Concept of Pair RDDs
    • Transformation and Actions on Paired RDDs
    • Data Partitioning in RDDs
    • Concept of Persistence/Caching in RDDs
    • Accumulators and Broadcast Variables
    • Loading and Saving Data Using RDDs

    File Formats:

    • Text Files
    • CSV and Tab Separated Files
    • JSON
    • Sequence Files
    • Parquet Files
    • Compression Technique – Snappy, Gzip

     Programming with Spark Data Frames & Spark SQL

    • Introduction to Spark Data Frames
    • Dataframes vs. RDDs
    • Introduction to Spark SQL
    • Understanding HiveContext
    • Operations on Data Frames
    • Schema RDDs and Converting Schema RDDs to DataFrames (Custom Case Classes)
    • Temp Tables vs. Persistent Tables
    • Loading and Saving Data in DFs
      • Apache Hive
      • JSON
      • Parquet
      • ORC Files
    • User Defined Functions (UDFs)
      • Spark SQL UDF
      • Hive UDF

     Spark Streaming

    • Introduction to Spark Streaming Architecture
    • Introduction to Discrete Streams (DStreams)
    • Streaming Operations
    • Integrate Spark Streaming with Kafka

    PySpark Overview (Time Permitting)                                                                                        

    • Introduction to PySpark & PySpark Shell
    • Using Python to develop Spark Applications
    • Running PySpark Application

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