Apache SOLR Online Training

Apache SOLR Online Training



    Apache SOLR Training helps you acquire skills to use and adopt the most popular Enterprise Grade Search Engine. SOLR has been the blazing fast, open source enterprise search platform in recent times.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction To Apache Lucene
    Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. Therefore this section of SOLR training will give a brief overview about search engines, lucene features, architecture and much more in Solr

    • Search Engine Basics
    • Lucene Overview & Features
    • Indexing Basics
    • Architecture Inverted Indexing Technique
    • Lucene Schema (Documents & Fields)
    • Analysers, Query Types
    • Writing & Searching Index
    • Lucene Projects LAB & Quizzes

    2. Exploring Apache Lucene
    This module will let you explore more about Lucene and its importance.

    • Lucene Analysers
    • Querying in Lucene
    • Scoring Boosting in Lucene
    • Highlighting Faceting Grouping Joins
    • Spatial Search in lucene
    • Apache Tika LAB & Quizzes

    3. Introduction to Apache SOLR
    This module will start off with description about Apache Solr.

    • Solr Introduction
    • Solr Key Features
    • Solr Vs Databases Installing & Running Solr Admin
    • UI Quick Tour
    • Solr Architectur
    • e-Solr Schema
    • Solr Field Types & Fields LABS & Quizzes.

    4. SOLR Indexing
    Analysers parse text and produce stream of tokens. Tokenizers break field data down into tokens and filters perform other transformational or selective work on token streams. Learn much more in SOLR training.

    • Introduction To Analysis & Analysers in Solr
    • Solr Tokenizers & Filters Indexing & Index Handlers in Solr Indexing Options
    • Nested Documents
    • Commits Transaction Logs in Solr
    • Solr Configurations LABS & Quizzes

    5. Searching Using SOLR
    This section presents an overview of the search process using Solr.

    • Solr Search Process
    • Velocity Search UI Search Types / Options Sorting & Relevance in Solr Boosting
    • Query Syntax in Solr Basic Query Parsers and Extended Query Parsers
    • LABS & Quizzes

    6. Advanced Features in SOLR
    This section lists the query parameters that can be passed to Solr, it also describes advanced features such as boosting and faceting, which can be used to fine-tune search results.

    Faceting Highlighting Spell Checking Solr Query Re-Ranking Suggestions More Like This: Pagination, Grouping, Clustering in Solr Spatial Search Collapsing & Expanding in solr Exporting Results, Real-Time Search & Get in solr Client API’s LABS & Quizzes

    7. Administration & SOLR Cloud
    Introduction to Solr Web-based user interface and the newest and most exciting of Solr’s new features, Solr Cloud, which provides comprehensive distributed capabilities.

    • Managing Solr config.xml
    • Managing solr.xml
    • Managing Multiple Cores Plugins
    • JVM Settings in Solr Running on Tomcat / Jetty Logging & SSL Solr Cloud LABS and Quizzes

    8. Project
    Horne your knowledge on Apache Solr by working on a project.

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