Apache Scala Online Training

Apache Scala Online Training



    Become an expert in create scala constructs in application code, Approach to Big Data Problems using Apache Scala, it is a functional programming language for general purpose software applications, Creating Traits Basic OOPS – Class and Object Basics, Scala essentials like operators, If statements, while loops…etc and get certified.

    Course Content

    1. Introduction To Scala
    This module will give a quick introduction to the Scala language and compiler.

    • Why Scala?
    • What is Scala?
    • Introducing Scala
    • Installing Scala
    • Journey – Java to Scala
    • First Dive – Interactive Scala
    • Writing Scala Scripts – Compiling Scala Programs
    • Scala Basics
    • Scala Basic Types
    • Defining Functions
    • IDE for Scala
    • Scala Community

    2. Scala Essentials
    Let’s understand briefly the Scala essentials like operators, If statements, while loops and much more…

    • Immutability in Scala – Semicolons
    • Scala Method Declarations
    • Literals, Lists, Tuples, Options and Maps
    • Reserved Words
    • Operators
    • Scala Precedence Rules
    • If statements
    • Scala For Comprehensions
    • While Loops
    • Do-While Loops
    • Conditional Operators in Scala
    • Pattern Matching
    • Enumerations

    3. Traits And OOP’s In Scala
    A trait encapsulates method and field definitions, which can then be reused by mixing them into classes. This module will concentrate over traits and OOP’s concepts of Scala.

    • Traits Intro – Traits as Mixins
    • Stackable Traits
    • Creating Traits Basic OOPS – Class and Object Basics
    • Scala Constructors
    • Nested Scala Classes
    • Visibility Rules

    4. Functional Programming In Scala And Use Traits As Mixins
    This course introduces the cornerstones of functional programming using the Scala programming language and Different types of data structures present in Scala.

    • What is Functional Programming?
    • Functional Literals and Closures
    • Recursion
    • Tail Calls
    • Scala Functional Data Structures
    • Implicit Function Parameters in Scala
    • Call by Name and Call by Value

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