AngularJS 2 Online Training

AngularJS 2 Online Training



    The AngularJS 2 training course is designed to teach developers how to use AngularJS to facilitate the development of the Single Page Applications. It provides the knowledge and skills required to become a successful Front-End full stack developer. It starts with the fundamental concepts of AngularJS like Directives, Filters, Controllers, Services and then move to the advanced concepts like Dependency Injection, Custom Services, Routing, Templates, TypeScript, REST Exposure and Angular2 features.

    Course Objective

    After the completion of this course, Trainee will:
    1. Hands on experience of developing Single Page Applications using Angular
    2. Creating custom directives and services required for complex applications
    3. Working with Dependency Injection (DI)
    4. Using AngularJS 2 features like pipes, templates, cross platform features
    5. Exposure to RESTful web services
    6. Understand how to use Node.JS, MongoDB (MEAN Stack)


    1. Moderate knowledge of HTML,CSS and JavaScript
      2. The DOM ( Document Object Model )
      3. JavaScript functions, events, and error handling

    Course Curriculum

    Unit 1: Introduction to Angular Applications

    1. Understanding Single Page Applications
    2. SPA vs Conventional web applications
    3. JavaScript MVC
    4. How Angular Fits to develop modern complex applications
    5. Installing Angular using CLI
    6. Editors
    7. Angular JS application structure

    Unit 2: Introduction to TypeScript

    1. TypeScript Basics
    2. TypeScript Class
    3. TypeScript Interface
    4. TypeScript Enums
    5. TypeScript decorators
    6. Generics

    Unit 3: Simple Angular JS application

    1. Understanding angular modules
    2. Controllers
    3. Models
    4. Directives
    5. Data binding

    Unit 4: Angular JS Directives

    1. What are directives
    2. ng-app
    3. ng-controller
    4. ng-model
    5. ng-bind
    6. ng-init
    7. ng-list
    8. ng-click
    9. creating custom directives

    Unit 5: Angular JS Filters

    1. Currency
    2. Date
    3. Filter
    4. Json
    5. limitTo
    6. lowercase
    7. number
    8. orderBy
    9. Custom Filters

    Unit 6: Working with Controllers

    1. Understanding Controllers
    2. Multiple Controllers

    Unit 7: Expressions

    Unit 8: Services

    Unit 9: Creating Custom Services

    Unit 10: Working with different scopes

    Unit 11: Angular 2 Binding and Events

    1. Templates
    2. Bindings
    3. Event Bindings
    4. Two way data binding
    5. Class and style bindings
    6. Component data binding

    Unit 12: Working with Pipes

    1. Using Pipes
    2. Creating pipes

    Unit 13: CSS Styling

    1. Component CSS
    2. CSS scoping

    Unit 14: Dependency Injection

    1. Why Dependency Injection
    2. Injection API
    3. Component Multi Providers
    4. Injection Multi Providers

    Unit 15: Routing

    1. Introduction and use
    2. Nested Routing

    Unit 16: Introduction to Node.js

    Unit 17: REST exposure

    Unit 18: Working with MongoDB


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