Android Online Training course content:

    Pre-requisites: Familiar with concepts of the Object Oriented Programming with Core Java.

    Introducing the Android Platform

    • Establishing the development environment
    • Android Studio and Android SDK.
    • Emulator
    • Exploring the Android Market

    Leveraging Application Fundamentals

    • Overview of Android architecture.
    • Application fundamentals
    • Components of Android Apps
    • How Android supports multitasking?

    Building mobile applications

    • Understanding the Activity lifecycle.
    • Launching activities with intents
    • Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI) and Creating User Interfaces
    • Processing User Input
    • Generating context and option menus
    • Developing unit tests

    Selecting visual components

    • Assessing available widgets
    • Building the layout
    • Connecting a view to an activity
    • Positioning form elements

    Working with resource declarations

    • Declaring resource definitions and layouts
    • Internationalizing applications
    • Handling multiple screen resolutions
    • Exploiting dynamic resource generation

    Working with tablets

    • Developing for the Honeycomb platform
    • Manipulating objects with drag and drop
    • Optimizing applications for high screen resolution
    • Combining fragments into a multi lane UI

    Persisting Application Data

              Selecting storage options

    • Contrasting internal and external storage locations
    • Saving application configuration with Shared Preferences

              Manipulating the SQL database

    • Executing queries to locate information
    • Retrieving data with cursors

              Consuming and creating content providers

    • Accessing shared data resources
    • Addressing content providers with URIs
    • Binding to UI components using Loaders

    Supporting asynchronous behaviour to maintain System Responsiveness and Avoiding Application Not Responding (ANR) errors

    • Unloading the UI thread
    • Designing for asynchronous execution

    Building background services

    • Performing background tasks with services
    • Communicating with Intents
    • Launching Intent Services
    • Declaring services in the manifest

    Exchanging Data over the Internet

              Interacting with server-side applications

    • Synchronizing Android devices with servers
    • HTTP requests
    • Socket communications

              Developing clients for Web services

    • Connecting to rest full services
    • Creating and parsing JSON

    Communicating with the user

    • Creating and displaying Toast
    • Generating status bar notifications
    • Collecting confirmation with dialogs

    Leveraging reallocation and mapping capabilities

    • Plotting positions on Google maps
    • Establishing location through GPS, Cell-ID and Wi-Fi

    Publishing Applications

    • Specifying required permissions
    • Versioning, packaging and signing software
    • Uploading to the Android Market

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